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Post by Yin on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:42 pm

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Name: Yin Huli-Jing
Nickname: Ninetail, Yin
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personality: Though none of her personality is often shown to the world, Yin is actually a complex person. For one, she is very sensitive, often pushed to the point of tears by an insult, though the tears only ever escape when she is alone. Usually a stickler for cleanliness, while in her ninetail  form, she loves to run, and play, and often doesn't care about dirt until afterwards. She doesn't use electricity save for music, as her clan didn't believe in it, and generally only eats meat. She is honest, though most people will find her too honest, and take her words in the wrong way. She has a hard time showing any emotion at all, and because of that, is often alone. Never having been in a romantic relationship, Yin is completely ignorant on the actions of flirting and romance, though she has the whole birds and bees knowledge. She loves baby girls, and wants to have one of her own one day, so she won't be the only one of her kind anymore. Along the lines of anger, Yin is not easy to anger. When she is angry, however, you won't know until she extracts vengeance in the most violent way possible. Her temper is often hard for her to keep control of, due to the influence of the war side, while the peace side is what makes her so sensitive, and easily entertained.
Likes: Meat, Reading, Running, warmth, confusing things, cleaning
Dislikes: Shoes, Guns, Vegetables, Dirt sometimes, boring things, the cold.
Fears: Water ((She can't swim))
History: From the beginning of time, the women of Yin's family have been known to myth as the nine-tailed fox often depicted in Asian legend. The Fox disappeared when Yin's family went underground 500 years ago, but the power itself was passed down family lines until it reached Yin, the last of the nine-tailed fox clan. She herself was raised by her father, her mother having died in childbirth. She had always been a peaceful child, as neutral in most situations as could be. It was often a joke between her and her father that her name should be changed to something more fitting, given her name is a personification of night, and darkness, which Yin had never been completely. Unlike the legends say of the ninetails, Yin never seemed interested in men as a child and teenager, preferring to devote herself to her studies. Rarely was she known to smile needlessly, and she often shunned the contact of most people, only allowing a select few in. Her half-shifted from was always her favorite, despite its constant reminder that she was the last female of her clan. Even so, her outside appearance of being completely unaffected by things around her was often a facade. Her father trained her constantly to show no emotion, as showing emotion was considered taboo among her clan. Even after her father died when she was nineteen, Yin never revealed the slightest hint of hurt, anger, sadness, or any other inch of humanity. She doesn't, even today.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 pounds
Hair Color: Black, white when half shifted
Eye Color: In human form, Yin's heterochromia shows, giving her the one red eye that is the mark of a nintailed shifter, and the one yellow eye that would be her normal color.
Description: In human form, Yin is a taller than average female with a small face and build. Her hands are always perfectly groomed, and her fingernails always filed to points. Her eyes, as mentioned above, are different, one red, and one yellow. Her eyebrows are red, another side effect of the war form. Her hair is long, straight, and black, reaching down to her bottom. She wears two hair pieces, one big white, black and gold bow on the back of her head, and two hair pieces, both white in color, one of which has a gold bead placed on it next to her neck. Her dress is white and black with gold lining, and a belt is tied around her ribcage, connected with two large, red pieces of rope. The belt has a red, white, and gold cross on it, from which extends a golden tassle. The collar of the dress is red and white, and connected to the dress by black netting that covers her shoulders and chest. She wears white sleeves with gold and black cuffs, and white hands guards tied with red string. ((Ignore the bellied cloth behind her in the picture)) Her feet are nearly bare, protected only by a black cloth piece that extends from about midcalf to just before her toes, leaving her heel open. This is covered by a similar piece, but white, and the two are tied together with thin red rope. A metal shoulder guard covers her right arm, to protect this arm, her dominant arm, while in battle with the use of her spear. Her clan's belief is that clothes and shoes are not necessities, and thus, most usually only have one outfit, and one sleeping set of clothes, and absolutely no shoes. At the same time, however, it is believed among the clan that decoration is key, so the one outfit is often very elaborate.

In her half shifted from, Yin wears the same clothes, though she looks different physically. She takes off the bow, as the ears she has gets in the way of it. The hair pieces are kept, though they often blend into her hair, which turns white. Both of her eyes turn red, and she develops two red streaks on each cheek. Her tails appear, all of which are white, and soft as she is able to keep them.

In both forms, Yin carries a spear used to protect herself, as her war form is often a last resort for her. The shaft is black, and the bottom has a golden base, attached to which is a smaller blade than the main, black in color, often used to guard, or when it is dark, and the opponent was less likely to see the weapon. The top is made of gold, steel, and black steel, and has a red rope wrapped around the handle. The shape is complicated, and built for lightweight action, rather than brute force.

Animal Form: Ninetailed Fox
Special Ability: The ninetails were often known for their perfect shifting abilities, to the point where they could choose even to only partially shift. In itself, the ninetails isn't nearly as powerful as a dragon, but they do have two forms, a peace, and war form. Their power is these two forms, the war one being larger and generally physically stronger, while the peace form known to symbolise happiness and friendship. The ninetails can only retain a half-shifted form while in the peace form of the ninetails. When in war form, they are forced to fully shift into a nintails. As well as this, the war form takes years of training and energy to maintain for an extended length of time. Yin's current limit is ten minutes.  
Peace Form
The peace form of the nintails is pure white, with purple eyes, and paw pads, and two dots above the eyes. It appears at the size of a normal, full-grown fox, and is often mistaken for an albino fox cub before people see the number of tails. In all sensory ways, this form is like a regular fox.
War Form
This form is much larger, easily reaching the size of a house. It's only advantage is its physical physical prowess and increased sensory skills, and is usually only brought out in times of battle. This form is dark orange, with long white claws and teeth. Black fur surrounds its eyes, extending all the way up to the tips of its ears on the inside. It's eyes are slitted, and dark red.

Rank: Advisor
Family: She is the last female of her clan, though there may be other male Huli-Jung around, she has never bothered to look.
Significant Other: None
Children: None

Strengths: She considers her ninetails form a strength, and the abilities that come with it as well. Her mental strengths include her intelligence, and her ability to conceal nearly all emotion.
Weaknesses: She cannot hold the war form of the nintails for more than ten minutes at the moment, and often faints after that ten minutes. She is generally unable to form close friendships, due to her having a hard time forcing herself to show the emotion she bottles inside.

Roleplaying Sample: ((Required for only first characters. If you're an alt, put who you are))

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War FormYin, The Ninetail  Kyuubi__kurama__render_by_lwisf3rxd-d6zomda

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