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Stygian, the Stone Dragon  Empty Stygian, the Stone Dragon

Post by Stygian on Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:03 pm

Stygian, the Stone Dragon  _anime__free____haru_render_by_mikushooter-d6e3qd2
Name: Stygian
Nickname: Styg ((St-i(as if you were saying something about yourself))-g))
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Affinity: Stone

Personality: Stygian, despite his generally lonesome and strict upbringing, has always been a more kind soul. He doesnt like hurting living things, though he will do it when ordered to. He takes rank and senority very, very seriously, and will take the word of any ranks above him as law. He's also very social, and likes to talk to people, though, in depositions related to his job, he can seen very hard and inreactive, just like he'd been taught to be. Over all, however, he's known to be closer to a big teddy bear than a dragon. He's not good with awkward situations at all, and tents to panic and say it do something to make them worse.
Good food
Fears: Water. He can swim, but he hates it. He's always scared he'll drown.
History: Ever since he was a child, Stygian has been raised in a enclosed environment. He was born among a family of wolf shifters, and so, for the first year of his life, it was a big expectation that he would be a wolf. He was a late bloomer, by Agilis standards. His first shift was into a baby stone dragon at the age of 1. Naturally, this caused an uproar around the pack, and the areas around the pack. After all, dragons were a rare shift. His parents isolated him at that point, worried at how well he could control the form and his ability to shift. They kept him that way until the age of 3, when he was sent off to train to control it. He was moved to a home in the mountains, where he was trained in secret, until he learned to completely control it.

At this point, Stygian was 10, and yet unaware he had a sister, or what was going on with his family. He returned to his home in the pack, or, at least, attempted to. He never made it. The military of the state had found out about his existence, and proceeded to charter him into the army, with the reluctant approval of his parents. He was taken straight from the road home, to a training base and barracks not far from the village he was born. He began training as a Soldier there, where only his mother was permitted to visit. It was then he found out about Elta. He finished training at 13, rather early for a soldier, and was put to work. It was that next year his mother came to inform him of Kelta's crimes, and how she'd gone rogue. Since then, Stygian grew to slowly hate the sister he'd never met over the years, after hearing story upon stpry of the rogue's montrosities. Today, he is irritated by the mention of a rogue, and wants them all brought in to the prison.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Description: Stygian has always been described to look younger than he actually is, despite his height. He's taller than most people he meets, at six feet, and built rather well, considering all his life has been training and physical activity. His hair is black, and usually a bit long, the bangs enough to nearly reach the tip of his nose. He wad never asked to cut it. His eyes are a very bright blue, and he has rather long eyelashes for a male, leaving his eyes to be what most people remember him by. His typical clothing choice is cargo shorts and a jacket, with no shirt underneath. This was something he gained an affinity for during training, when he would often excercise in the heat, and found himseof more comfortable without a shirt.  

Animal Form: Stone Dragon
Special Ability: Camouflaging into rock, shooting shards of rock as a breath attack, creating tunnels and caves.
Description: Stygian's dragon form is easily the size of a building. His scales have the form of rocks, and are just as hard as steel. The back of his head, neck, back, and top of his tail are covered in rocklike shards, and his wings are extremely large, proportionally, used to lift his great weight off of the ground. Each foot is four-toed, with long, pointed claws, and his tail is thick and long, often used as a club. His eyes in this form are golden, and he has a mouth full of many small, razor sharp teeth.

Rank: Soldier
Family:Father: Mark Ambross (Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus))(Dead)
Mother: Acclia (Morray) Ambross (Arctic wolf agilis (Canis lupus arctos))(Dead)
Sister: Kelta Ambross
Significant Other: None
Children: None

Strengths: His shift's abilities, his obedience, his hardworking attitude, good strength
Weaknesses: Not very good with heat, too soft at times, with people and animals. His shifted form isnt all that fast, either.

Roleplaying Sample: This is Yin!

Stygian, the Stone Dragon  Stone_dragon_by_nightmaremoonluna-d74md0n
Credit goes to NightmareMoonLuna


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