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Post by Elta on Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:01 pm

Fire-Includes spells/powers that involve fire, heat, and magma/lava. (Pm me for lava powers and moderate them well, so they aren't uber OP.)
Ice-Includes spells/powers that involve Ice, cold, and snow, as well as some mirror spells.
Shadow-Includes spells/powers that involve darkness, shadows, stealth, and fear. (Careful not to godmod with that last one.)
Light-Includes spells/powers that involve light, happiness, tranquility, and colors.
Water-Includes spells/powers that involve rain, humidity, and water.
Air-Includes spells/powers for wind, noise, lightning, and speed.
Stone-Includes spells/powers that involve soil, stone, and metal.
Nature-Includes spells/powers that involve poisons/toxins, plants, or animals.
These are the different affinities. NO affinity hybrids. That rule is set in stone. No exceptions.

Celestial dragons, your affinity gives you extra powers, like an Ice affinity could have plasma breath and a mirror spell. Buty ou are still only allowed a single affinity.

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