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Nexus, Agilis General (WIP) Empty Nexus, Agilis General (WIP)

Post by FlthyCasul on Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:54 pm

Nexus, Agilis General (WIP) Latest?cb=20080807204732

Name: Nexus
Nickname: Nex
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Affinity: Fire

Personality: Nexus is a warmonger: Every single day that passes without war is a day that passes without him being in the spotlight to motivate his political career. To him, the state of peace brings more attention to others that believe in negotiations and compromise instead of ruling with an iron fist and forcefully instituting control. Consistently, he goes to great lengths in order to make sure that there is always a prospect of war on the horizon, whether it is foreign or domestic. A domestic conflict will reflect greatly on his portfolio, staging him as the hero to keep the civilized locations safe from invasion or danger. Alternately, he believes that any foreign struggle he intervenes in will display him as the noble, outgoing military leader who cares about expanding the frontiers while keeping the home-front safe. While much of this is a facade, he keeps in mind that any occurrence of valuable resources found outside of the mainland can be expedited as a military income, furthering his capacities in direct negligence of any entities that were affected in a negative way. With a slight touch of arrogance, he deems any rebellious or unsatisfactory act as a sign of treason to the country, hastily seeking appropriate measures to further his own motives rather than those of others. Alas, one can only imagine how far he will go in order to achieve his ambitions. On the bright side, however, he treats his soldiers and prospective allies with the utmost respect and dignity.


  • Authority
  • Control
  • War
  • Politics
  • Heat
  • Exotic Fruits


  • Anarchy
  • Disorginization
  • Peace
  • Hard Labor
  • Extreme Cold
  • Caterpillars


  • Scandal: Nexus fears that any political movement or conspiracy that goes against him will utterly destroy his career and future.
  • Deranked: On a lesser note, Nexus highly values his rewards and medals from military service and will lose his (little, if any) sanity if those are taken away from him.

History: Born to parents with political careers, it was only natural that Nexus would follow in their paths. By design, it seemed, he pursued leadership and studied the workings of great political minds from an early age. Even as his parents drove him towards smaller, safer leadership roles, Nexus was self-driven to reach a high standard of political respect. As he grew older, he ventured deeper and deeper into the ideals, concepts, and writings of the perfection of leadership, control, and command. The resulting onslaught of ideologies and principles confronted each other in his mind, twisting and turning his growing knowledge of things new and old. He began to turn to devising his own political motives, concocting strategies and events that he could propel in an effort to make an early standing on the charts of history; by representing popular viewpoints on a standard basis, he could gain the support he needs in order to reach a higher learning. While he understood how decision-making and development worked in theory, he could only understand even further by experimenting careers in practice. Soon enough, he made a standing in a part of his community at the age of 14 by designating corrections and arrangements to current issues that bothered large portions of the local populace. Many believed that he was to be a prodigy of good intentions and a brighter future, but no one, not even his parents, could have expected him to take a turn for the worst...

Coming to the horizon-expanding age of 18, his parents drafted him into a proper albeit short-term military enrollment of four years in order to grasp an understanding of moral values. Slowly, Nexus derived his political strategies and plans and socially developed them to take effect in the ranks of the military. With enough behind-the-scenes motivation from those that he helped to support him, a diverse range of discharges and supposed illness shifted the ranks in his favor, leading Nexus towards the top links of the chain-of-command. By the age of 22 at the end of his 'short-term' service, being seen as one of the few that can take charge of the falling situation, Nexus was requested to take command as a temporary leader of military endeavors. By systematically resolving the conflicts that he had once caused, Nexus gained political ground as the one to lead the military in the current time of need. To this day, he seeks no higher status than that of General, for the struggle of governmental perfection still continues in his mind and in his legacy.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 192 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Description: Nexus has always been on the tall side, but became stocky with age. He still retains some physique from his days of military training, but only a sliver of it remains. Concerning hairstyle, he maintains a short haircut and a mustache that he prides himself with; not a day goes by that he will ignore the requirements of his facial hair. In terms of his clothing style, he regards his uniform as a true testament to his status and will consistently adorn it with medals and pins designating his military success. Overall, he can hardly be seen anywhere without his uniform as he believes that it is customary to for others to recognize his role in the security of the land.

Animal Form: ((Dragons must be applied for, any other animal or creature is open, unless otherwise stated. If you don't know if a creature is open, ask an admin or mod.))
Special Ability: ((In animal form only, related to the animal chosen. Insects would have rather weak powers, while dragons would have the most powerful.))
Description: ((This is for the animal form only, not the human one.))

Rank: General
Family: (Work in progress)
Significant Other: N/A
Children: N/A

Strengths: ((Physical and mental.))
Weaknesses: ((Physical and mental.))

Roleplaying Sample: ((Required for only first characters. If you're an alt, put who you are))



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