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Post by Yin on Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:54 pm


-NONE- ((Spear depicted in application will soon be bought))



Breed: Fennec Fox
Age: Kit
Gender: Female
Magic bonus: 25%
Magical Affinity: Fire
Extra: Nina is a gentle soul, though she will bit you if she dislikes you. She is often used by Yin as a scout when it comes to small places, as Nina is generally very small, even for a Fennec Fox, and her ears are very large, giving her the ability to hear better than most foxes. At the moment, however, Nina is a baby, and so is often left at home with Chesh whenever Yin is out of town, or brought around with Yin when she is in town.
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Breed: Marbled Fox
Age: Kit
Gender: Male
Magic bonus: 25%
Magical Affinity: Fire
Extra: Chesh was bought by Yin around the same time she bought Nina. The two are very different from each other, Chesh being a bright and curious little guy, as opposing to Nina's quiet disposition. Chesh is known to get into things often, and is very fond of laying on Yin's tails when she is half-shifted, and sleeping. Chesh has an excellent scent of smell, and is very agile, so when it comes to working, he is often sent to retrieve things, often things that Nina finds.
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