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Eireytkos, one of blood Empty Eireytkos, one of blood

Post by Eireytkos on Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:41 pm

Eireytkos, one of blood Evil_Dragon
Name: Eireytkos Slakotuse
Nickname: Eir, The Bloody One
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual and not open.
Affinity: Shadow

Personality: Eir is a cold dragon. He is a little cocky and rather aggressive. He is disturbingly cheerful during battle, Eir is easily angered and quick to judge. He particularly likes goring his opponents with his horns, though the deed is never easy and often dangerous. He has a disturbing sense of humor, but also wants to out-do others like him. Despite his many flaws, he does not kill without reason, though the reasons are sometimes twisted and cruel. Eir relishes in the thrill of the hunt. He especially loves cornering and tormenting his prey. He longs to one day burst to the surface of the world and demolish the humans who drove his kind down into the earth. He can also be kind and protective (surprisingly)
Likes: Fighting, hunting, the silence, dark places.
Dislikes: Happiness without need, losing, humiliation, his "destiny"
Fears: The destiny he was told about, humiliation.
History: Eir was born to a well-respected dragon family. When all the other eggs were destroyed in a tragedy, his parents were very protective of him. But they were disappointed when he hatched. A runt. A weakling, a coward. Eir was tormented as a child. Unable to take it, one day after being attacked by a Screamer, his father hit him for his weakness and told him that he was a failure. This snapped something within him. When his father left, Eir heard a voice in the blod, and he saw himself looking back at himself from the puddle. But instead of a frail, crying hatchling, he saw a monsterous version of himself looking back that told Eir to release him and then he would be avenged. And so Eir nodded and, choking back tears, focused on the figure he had seen, and a figure rose out of the blood, a mirror of him, and promised to train him. He swiftly grew in strength, from the secret training sessions in the night. One day he got in trouble for sneaking off, and his mother and father tried to punish him. At first his feeble scratches did little more than make them mad while blood poured from his wounds, but eventually he stopped and focused. The world became grey as his blood clone emerged. His parents turned their heads in fury and fear as Eir leaped at them. They shook him off easily, but his blood clone wasn't going to go down as easily as Eir himself, and jumped. His father was the first target. He swiftly sliced through his neck and twisted, this time leaping for Eir's mother. But Eir's blood clone had underestimated his father, and Arcrosus sliced the blood clone in half. But Eir was back on his feet, and brought the blood clone back into one whole again. Eir jumped again and scored a slice across his mother's neck. His blood clone repeated this action, and his mother fell to the ground. Arc shot fire at the clone, burning the blood and dispelling the clone. But the job was done, and he died. Eir walked over to his mother, who was still bleeding, and she said, "Beware the one of red, for he walks the shadows, and one day, he will watch your blood flow." Eir ran. And that was what he did his whole life. And though he will never admit it, he knew what his mother was speaking of. One day, his blood clone would turn on him, and he would be powerless.

Height: 40 feet tall
Weight: 450 pounds
Eye Color: White with no pupils
Description: Eir is a dark grey blue in color. He is a dragon made more to rely on speed than brute strength. His wings are a slightly lighter shade of blue, darkening near the edges. He has razor-sharp spines running from nose to tail. The veins in his slightly transparent wings are a slightly darker blue than the rest of the membrane. The inside of his maw is a glowing sky blue, which can turn crimson when he gets mad. He has horns the color of his spines and wing membranes. Eir has a long whip-like tail that lacks a spade.

Family: Arcrosus Nameus (father) and Vinea Caletra (mother)
Mate: No
Children: No

Special Ability Eir can manipulate blood. As long as it is outside the body, that is. He uses the blood to create an identical clone of himself. Can be dispelled via water, fire, and scattered (Temporarily) with a wind attack. He can also cast weak shadow spells. It can also be dispelled if he is knocked out or killed, or if he tries to trap it. (He doesn't know this, but its name is Eran.)
Dark radius:Makes the surrounding area completly dark
Dark vision-night vision
Shadowball-A fireball made of shadows.
Strengths: Eir is very intelligent and very fast, able to reach very high speeds very quickly.
Weaknesses: Eir is quick to pick fights and not very bulky, so heavy blows are bad for him.

Roleplaying Sample: Elta, your crazy admin here.

I will build plots from this dude!


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Eireytkos, one of blood Empty Re: Eireytkos, one of blood

Post by Yin on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:58 am

Considering it's awesome and its Elta, accepted, and moving to the proper section ^.^

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