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Agilis! Ranks and Lifestyle. Empty Agilis! Ranks and Lifestyle.

Post by Elta on Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:30 pm

Agilis live in huge cities. (See banner above.) They are about as advanced as humans, with phones and computers and guns and televisions. (Although rouges have weapons like swords and daggers.) They have the ability to shape-shift into a single animal species. Depending on the power, size, and strength of an animal, it may be revered or looked down upon. Insect Agilis normally stand at the bottom of the list. Aquatic Agilis live in the great sea, along with Krakens and Sea Serpents.


Adviser-Four different Agilis who aid the Minister.
Researcher-Scientists and inventors.
General-Leads the soldiers.
Soldier-Warriors. Often have guns.
Head Moderator-Run the moderators.
Moderator-The police.
Engineer-Creates the different metal items. (Like vacuums and cars.) Always specialize in a specific field. (Robotics, Electronics, Automobiles.)
Artisan:Creates artwork, decor, books, clothing, and other misc. items. (Like mugs and jars and puzzles and bowls and moives.)
Farmer:Provides food and cotton and silk and such. (That is where the magicians come in, to help enchant the stuff to make it grow with no sunlight.)
Teachers:Teach the students.
Business Workers:Sell things. (Like souvenirs and computers and everything.)
Plumber-Fixes plumbing.
Architect-builds buildings
Librarians:Work in libraries.
Student (level 5):College students (Age 18-21. You can do Grad school though.)
Student (level 4):High school students (Age 14-17)
Student (level 3):Middle school students (Age 11-13)
Student (level 2):Elementary school students (Age 6-10)
Student (level 1):Preschoolers. (Age 3-5)
Civilians-Have no job and/or are street vendors. (Note:If you are younger than three, you are a civilian.)

NOTE:If you are a Business Worker, Teacher, Artisan, Farmer, Engineer, or Researcher, please say what you build/student level you teach/sell/research/grow. It goes in the rank area.

Also, you can become an Innkeeper if you are a rouge. Innkeepers run inns around the continent or on the island. You can come for a good meal and a warm bed. If you're willing to pay, of course!

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