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Elta, fire in the sky. (Well, the air thingy.) Empty Elta, fire in the sky. (Well, the air thingy.)

Post by Elta on Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:08 am

Elta, fire in the sky. (Well, the air thingy.) Tumblr10
   Name: Elta
   Nickname: Sol, Sunfire, Nightfire
   Age: 16
   Gender: Female
   Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

   Personality: Elta is not arrogant, but she does have pride, much like a Fire dragon Agilis. She is solitary, although she doesn’t mind chatting every now and then. She enjoys reading and learning new things. She is also prone to sudden outbursts of rage when things are not going her way. (Like, when things are getting too bad, and everything she tried so hard to do has been ruined.) She is easily frustrated, and often irritable, hiding her negative emotions often and with a dislike of talking about her day (Or similar matters.). She also enjoys flying and computer games, though she only has access to a phone. She often makes art, which she enjoys doing, but sells it for money.
   Likes: Creating art, flying, reading, computer games.
   Dislikes: Annoying people, annoying questions, large crowds, spiders and spider Agilis, Screamers, the cold.
   Fears: She fears Screamers, Ice, and spiders.
   History: Her parents were a Canary and mouse Agilis. But they must’ve had a Celestial dragon ancestor, for Elta was neither bird nor mouse, but a Celestial dragon with a fire affinity. Her parents were both supportive, and sent her to school to become a researcher, her dream job. She was always fascinated by science, and had high hopes. So did her teachers and parents. She was a good student. But the other students bullied her. She tried hard to ignore them. But her affinity to fire caused great rage within her, and one day, during lunch, the students drove her into a state of great fury. Mad with rage, she burst into flame, burning down the school. The other students were lucky to get out alive. Terrified, she ran from the city, fleeing to the life of a rouge. Mainly hunting for food, she uses art supplies to craft things, which she sells. She dislikes Screamers, which sometimes attack her when flying. But mainly they freak her out because of their strange looks. She currently spends her time flying, hunting, and drawing. But her history continues to haunt her, and she stays as far away from the capitol as possible.

   Height: 5 feet 11 inches.
   Weight: 96 pounds.
   Hair Color: Black
   Eye Color: Blue
   Description: Elta has pale skin and blue eyes, which darken sometimes to navy when she gets mad (Which is often.). She wears blue jeans and a black shirt, both of which are stained and ripped. She has several versions of this outfit, all of which a ragged and stained with mud and blood. She wears blue and black sneakers with white laces. Her hair is unkempt (Slash the picture. I don’t care. It is what she would look like if she wasn’t a rouge Agilis.) and she never ties it back. She has a scratch mark on one hand and her clothes are singed.

   Animal Form: Celestial wyrm.
   Special Ability: She can conger up a powerful fireball that can blast through almost any substance, but it takes a full minute to power up, (which it does LOUDLY.) and can hurt her if redirected by a burst of wind and can be countered by a normal fireball or frozen surprisingly quickly. She can also fire bolts of plasma and set herself aflame as well as fly. (duh. XD)
   Description: Elta as a dragon is huge, measuring 6 meters long. (Although only a meter tall.) She is indigo with bright spots of glowing light that sometimes fade away or appear suddenly. She has a blue-grey mane and tan horns. Her underbelly is the same color as her mane. She is long and serpentine, with a box-like head and long black whiskers. Her snake-like appearance allows for grace in the air. Her mouth is glowing white with a blue tint. Her underbelly has the same star-like speckles, although they are fainter. Her nose is a pinkish-grey. When mad, her normally yellow eyes burst into flame. Sometimes smoke comes out of her mouth.

   Rank: Rouge
   Family: Zele (mother:unknown) Calata (father:unknown)
   Significant Other: Nope
   Children: Nope

   Strengths: Elta is very intelligent, as well as sneaky. She is fast through the air and a good runner. She is also skilled at magic, of which she knows some spells. (Like creating light, lifting objects, or making a weak wall of light.) She can survive extreme heat.
   Weaknesses: Screamers terrify her, for flocks of them have almost killed her on several occasions, and when one gets too near, she often becomes rooted to the spot. For all her intelligence, she often underestimates others. It takes her longer than most to transform, and her mega-fireball power alerts others to its presence with its noise, light (You can see it forming.), and if her concentration is broken, she needs to start over. She can't fight back wile making it unless she stops. She also is weak in the cold and can't use her powers, with the exception of the plasma blast. Also, she can't set herself on fire until dry.

   Roleplaying Sample: Elta soared far above, arcing over the forest. It was good to be free to fly above the ground below. She wished she could go higher, but the ceiling prevented her. Blazing towards the forest, she shot through the canopy, before preforming a crazy twist upwards and shooting towards the cave roof. stopping her spiral a centimeter below a stalagmite. Unaware of the two amber eyes watching her, for right above her head, waiting, was a 30 foot tall Screamer. With a shriek and a jet of wind, it opened its wings, and snapped at her neck.

Elta, fire in the sky. (Well, the air thingy.) Celestial_dragon_yin_and_yang_by_night_forager-d31orri

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